The Alex Beckett Darts League

@ The Barley Mow

When the pub re-opened in 2009 after a 7-year hiatus, Alex was one of the managers, and word has it pulled the first pint behind the new bar.


A RADA trained actor, Alex subsequently left The Mow to go on to a lauded career on stage and screen, winning rave reviews and plaudits along the way.


However, he always remained a member of the Barley Mow family and an ardent fan of all pub related games, so in October 2017 alongside current gaffer Will, they created the pub's first ever Darts League.


Tragically, Alex died in April 2018 aged just 35 years old.


We could think of no more fitting an epitaph than to name our league after him.


He would have been proud to see how much the league has grown since it's humble beginnings. Proud to know that his old team went all the way to the 2017-18 final, finishing runners-up. Prouder still that for the 2018-19 season, they welcomed a new player in the form of Al's brother, James, who played all the way from a garage in Wales via FaceTime. 


The 2018 - 19 season went up a gear from the first year, so much so that by the final there was 'Player's Stats Videos', walk-on music, lights and even a smoke machine. It was like our own mini Alexandra Palace in the heart of Marylebone!


But at the heart of the league itself, has blossomed a real community spirit. People from different





24 teams are split in to 4 groups, who fight it out against each other for points, where the top fourteams from each group progress to the Knockout Rounds, until finally a Champion is crowned!


Matches are played on Monday night. Whilst the League is fully subscribed this season, if you are interested in registering a team for the 2019 - 20 Season starting next September, email Will at:


Remember, Monday is also 'Pie and a Pint' night at The Barley Mow, so inbetween arrows you can enjoy some top flight grub and a beverage for the bargain price of £12.50!!!








2017 - 18 Champions:


'The Flights Are On,

But Nobody's Home!!!'



P: Quarter Finals: Semi Finals: The Final:
The 3 Muskabeers 1 2 0 3      
The Bargers 0 3 3 3 Bull^*t!!!    
The Performing Darts 2 1 2 8 Vs    


3 0 4 13 The Flights Are On...    
            The Flights Are On...  
GROUP B:           Vs  
Clare's Swear Bears 2 1 3 9   Bmorians  
Bmorians 3 0 2 11 Bmorians    
Dartzania 1 2 2 5 Vs    
What Dart F^*k?! 0 3 0 0 Chairmen of the Board    
              The Flights Are On...
GROUP C:             Vs
Darty McDartface 0 3 4 4     The Performing Darts
Chairmen of the Board 2 1 1 7 Flight Risk    
Flight Risk 3 0 4 13 Vs    
Bully's Boys 1 2 4 7 Clare's Swear Bears    
            Flight Risk  
GROUP D:           Vs  
Simply Lovely 0 3 0 0   The Performing Darts  

The Flights Are On, But Nobody's Home

2 1 7 13 Tungsten Tossers    
Tungsten Tossers 3 0 4 13 Vs    
Isa-Bull's Eye 1 2 1 4

The Performing Darts

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